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People Live, They Have Lives

A pre-publication version of PEOPLE LIVE, THEY HAVE LIVES was judged the winner of the Camden Poetry Award from the Walt Whitman Center for the Arts (Camden, NJ).


Mr. Bear stares wistfully at the lovers--
Lovers' brown, stuffed toy animal.

His close-set eyes seem wistful to the lovers,
Who think of the woods of Mr. and Mrs. Bear.

And Mr. Bear yields his silence to the lovers,
Like a secret to each at the ear.

Yes, the lovers are clarified after love
By Mr. Bear in his beneficence.

And they hold Mr. Bear in their arms,
And the electricity sparks off his coat.

And Mr. Bear is fiery under the universe of shadow,
And the little stars caress him.

And Mr. Bear outpours the ions of bear,
Charged with the volts of the lovers.

And Mr. Bear is the ancient philosophical bear
Before the Great and the Little Bear.

Though the bloody paw and muzzle
Lurk always at the force of the lovers.

But now Mr. Bear triumphs in beneficence:
Greatest dipper shining over the lovers.

PEOPLE LIVE, THEY HAVE LIVES was originally published by the Miami University Press (Oxford, OH).

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