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       12/31/1976 – 4/16/2005
       Founder: Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC)

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       it will be what we make it

       For Adrienne Rich

sparks ratchet from the tinder
crackle from the racket of fire and light and are gone

tireless, fearless
against generals, bureaucrats, politicians

her skull touching skull
hem of her black abaya clenched in her fist

set on the shoulder of the unveiled woman in hijab
who buttresses the dark-eyed, moon-eyed child

corpuscles hiss from the splutter
flare from the pyre drafts

motes rocket, incandesce, and are lost
flecks tick from the holocausts

ingénue face-splitting smile
Buddha-girl California smile

petite with curly blonde tresses
pretty, peppy, fiery, vivacious

nicknamed Bubbles in Kabul
immolated by a God car on the Baghdad airport road

her last outcry: “I’m alive”

no invader grieved at any funeral or house
no envoy offered help or remorse

from mutilated torso to torso
blogs mocking her even as martyr

Rock Creek Park Rollerblade Queen, Cluster Bomb Girl
spitfire, hurricane, love bomb

manic, anorexic, insomnial

fortified by parties and red wine

avatar of the tendered nipples of Ishtar
registrar of the mutes of the underworld

gladiator of the courage of the vulnerable
novice of no past at the boundary of history

saint of the collateral orphans
paladin weeping for a metal planet

nova emptying its burden of souls
stranger arousing the genital wind

auric-haired bride Marla
wrapped in the black abaya

like the dawn blistering past blood beyond the background

2011 (10/13); 2012 (1/30); 2013 (9/12); 2014 (4/8)

Prior version: Big Bridge (2008)[].

Prior version: Big Bridge(2008)[].

(More to come)